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ART Related

2022 Visionary Art Collective: Issue 4 

2021 Frontiers: A Multicultural Journey in Photographs, self-publication

2019Art that Sends a Message”, Atlanta Jewish Times of Israel (August)

2018 Circle Quarterly Art Review, Spring Issue
2017 I am... Exhibition Catalogue

2017 WCAGA Featured Work
2016 WCAGA Featured Artist Interview
2015 Artist Interview, Illegal Realm
2014 Music Paints my Picture: Integrating Music Composition and Visual Arts

2012 SCAN Magazine, Fall Issue
2012 PDNedu, Spring Issue
2011  Flux 2011: A Night of Art and Experimentation


2006 Zelfttharpie door persoonlijke geschriften - Dagboeken en moires van holocaustslachtoffers in COGISCOPE 0406, Utrecht (Ed. Rianne Hejimans, Tom de Ridder) Stichting Cogis, Utrecht. 2006. (Dutch Translation)

2003 Self-Therapy through Personal Writing: A Study of Holocaust Victim's Diaries and Memoirs in The Impact of War Trauma on Civilians: An International Perspective, (Ed. Krippner, Stanley).  Greenwood Publishing, 2003.

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