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2024 Herault -Tribune

2024 Midi-Libre, Montpellier

2024 En Commun, Montpellier

2024 Sortir, Montpellier

2024 La Gazette, Montpellier

2023 L'Art-Vues, Montpellier

2023 Artistes d'Occitanie

2022 Visionary Art Collective: Issue 4 

2021 Frontiers: A Multicultural Journey in Photographs, self-publication

2019Art that Sends a Message”, Atlanta Jewish Times of Israel (August)

2018 Circle Quarterly Art Review, Spring Issue
2017 I am... Exhibition Catalogue

2017 WCAGA Featured Work
2016 WCAGA Featured Artist Interview
2015 Artist Interview, Illegal Realm
2014 Music Paints my Picture: Integrating Music Composition and Visual Arts

2012 SCAN Magazine, Fall Issue
2012 PDNedu, Spring Issue
2011  Flux 2011: A Night of Art and Experimentation


2020 Recollections, Reflections, and Reconnoiterings of Mike Arons, Roots and Visions Series, (Ed. Andrew Bland and Sandrine M. Arons). University Professors Press, 2020. 

2006 Zelfttharpie door persoonlijke geschriften - Dagboeken en moires van holocaustslachtoffers in COGISCOPE 0406, Utrecht (Ed. Rianne Hejimans, Tom de Ridder) Stichting Cogis, Utrecht. 2006. (Dutch Translation)

2003 Self-Therapy through Personal Writing: A Study of Holocaust Victim's Diaries and Memoirs in The Impact of War Trauma on Civilians: An International Perspective, (Ed. Krippner, Stanley).  Greenwood Publishing, 2003.

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