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Curriculum Vitae




Savannah College of Art and Design, USA



Thesis Topic: Use of Photographic imagery to construct an autobiographical narrative about the experience of multiculturalism.


University of Pittsburgh, USA

M.A., Doctoral Studies

French Literature

Dissertation Topic: Reintegrating the self through the use of autobiographical writings.


University of West Georgia, USA



Thesis Topic: Personal Writing and Self-Growth: A 4 Phase Process. A qualitative research project on the use of the personal journal as a tool for therapy. 


University of West Georgia, USA


Psychology and French

Undergraduate general degree with a double major in French and Psychology and  minor in Spanish.



2024 Frontières, Bilbliothèque Jean d'Ormesson, Vendargues

2024 Frontières, Espace Saint-Ravy, Montpellier, France

2023 Frontiers, Remp-Arts, Durban-Corbières, France

2014 Frontiers, Further Polycontemporary Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2021 Frontiers, Buropolis Centre Culturel, Marseille, France


2024 Interludes, Collaboration with Monika Ruiz-B, Galerie Remp-arts, Durban-Corbières, France.


2022 Rencontres de la photographie, Palais Baadi, Marrakech, Maroc

2021 Entre deux Mondes, Les Docks Village, Marseille, France

2021 UPAG Group Show, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tamps, FL.

2021 On the Road again (Projection), Espace 3013, Marseille, France

2021 Minimaliste,  Espace 3013, Marseille, France

2021 3ème Festival de la photographie surréaliste, Villa Aurélienne, Fréjus, France.

2021 One Earth/Once Choice, 378 Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2021 Comme un Patchwork Sensible, Buropolis, Marseille, France

2021 Choice, APG Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2020 Rencontres Photographiques de Cassis, Salles Voutées, Cassis, France

2020 One Earth/One Chance, Georgia State University Campus, Clarkston, GA.

2020 In the Year…, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tamps, FL.

2019 Mood: Frame of Mind, Tula Art Center, Atlanta, GA.

2019 UPAG Group Show, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa, FL.

2019 Bearing Witness, Sycamore Place Gallery, Decatur, GA.

2019 What About Us?, APG Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2019 Perspectives, Cornerstone Bank Gallery, Decatur, GA.

2019 Human Trafficking, Shambhala Meditation Center of Atlanta, Decatur, GA.

2018 Surfaces, Millepiani Exhibition Space, Rome, Italy.

2018 UPAG Group Show, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tamps, FL.

2018 Tell Me About It, Sycamore Place Gallery, Decatur, GA.

2018 UPAG Int’l Exhibition, Artemisia: Art & Tendencies, Barcelona, Spain

2017 What the World Needs, B-Complex, Atlanta, GA.

2017 Walls, Jewish Cultural Center, Chattanooga, TN.

2017 Our Nature, Jim Cherry Media Center, Clarkston, GA.

2016 Reveling the Real, APG Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2016 46/21:46 Million Slaves-21st Century, Mammal Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2015 Small Works, APG Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2015 I am…H2M Studio, Tula Arts Center, Atlanta, GA.

2015 Mark, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA.

2015 SPE Exhibition, Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.

2015 SPE Exhibition, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans

2015 Gathered, Museum of Contemporary Art of GA, Atlanta, GA.

2014 Yes Ma’am, JLE Lost, Atlanta, GA.

2014 Juxtapose, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT.

2014 Fresh Blood, Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2014 Lagrange Nat’l XXVIII, Lamar Dodd Art Center, LaGrange, GA.

2014 The Legacy of Francesca Woodman, SCAD Museum of Art, GA.

2013 Barbara Griffin Selects, APG Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2013 Blue Shoes Collective, Big House Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2013 Exposure 2013, SeeMe Gallery, New York, NY.

2013 GA. Artists Selecting GA. Artists, MoCA of GA. , Atlanta, GA.

2013 SCAD Seen Gala, SCAD Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.

2013 Mysterious Visions, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT.

2013 Silver and Ink, Dewberry Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2013 Punctum, Big House Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2012 Sidewalk Radio, Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, GA.

2012 Fresh Blood, Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2012 Nature, Undisturbed, Dogwood Gallery, Tyrone, GA.

2012 DeFine Art, SCAD Atl, Atlanta, GA.

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