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Sandrine Arons is a French-American photographic artist based in the south of France. She was born and raised in a small town 50 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. The challenge of having one foot in each culture has been a driving force in Sandrine’s photographs as they often draw on her experience of belonging to two fundamentally different cultures; oftentimes in opposition.

Sandrine received an MFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015 after receiving Master’s degrees in both French Literature in 2010 and Psychology in 1997. It was during her time at SCAD that she came to understand her innate yearning to bridge these disciplines through her studies around personal writing, self-knowledge and imagery. Her studies and publications on journal writing and self-growth, Holocaust memoirs and diaries and 20th century French authors’ personal narratives led her to explore the concept of a visual autobiography and what that means from both an artistic and therapeutic perspective. Using her own life and images lays the groundwork for further studies in this area that she hopes to examine more deeply in the coming years. She describes her call to photography in the following way:

"If I’ve learned anything in the process of creating photographs, it would have a great deal to do with “time”. Time and the passing of time becomes central to the way I photograph and to how I build an image in photoshop. This is something I never acknowledged until more recently. So much of my process involves melding time, escaping time, explaining time, exploring time, etc… And the literal processing of an image is also the time I spend with other moments in time trying to freeze time.

Photography has given me a way to remain true to my passion for autobiography and self-realization while being able to share that passion with others in a way that is visually appealing or enticing or curious."

Sandrine’s work has been shown in galleries and museums internationally and she has had several solo exhibitions of her work in the United States and in France. She has received several awards for her work including Grand Prize Winner in Travel Photography for PDNedu in 2012 and the 2014 SPE Student Award Grant. She moved to France from the US in 2019 and is enjoying discovering new places and new inspirations.

She is currently represented by United Photographic Artists Gallery

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