Self Destruction

Digging Our Way to the Other Side

Drilling our way to the other side?.jpg

Photo Credits: (Oil Rig) Kermas Energija ( and (Sinkhole) Corvette Museum

As I was surfing yesterday, I came upon this picture of the sinkhole at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky. This is not the first sinkhole picture I've seen.  In fact, these seem to be more and more common in the news today and yet I find it odd that we don't talk about it.  Like many realities we try to avoid, the destruction of our planet is one of them.  These sinkholes seem to be signs and symptoms of a fragile Earth.  So why don't we talk about it? Because we are doing it to ourselves.  We feed ourselves the news of our own misery caused by our own greed and we sit in denial of it.  I thought it was interesting to juxtapose the image of the oil rig with the sinkhole to show the correlation between our dependency on oil and the devastation of our planet. It is also symbolic because the Corvettes that fell into the sinkhole are gas guzzlers, symbols of our obsession with wealth and speed, and now they are buried under the earth that has sustained them.   


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