New Work: Myself As...

“Myself as…” is a portrait project that began as an escape from the routine of daily life and pressures. I was at my desk, feeling the urge to be somewhere else and even someone else...needing the kind of "personal time" that is rarely afforded to mothers.  As is often the case when I seek a mental break, I browse online art in order to step away and explore other times and places.  I was struck by The Woman with Garnet Necklace by Johan Huber Rudolph as she seemed warm, yet filled with sadness and ennui.  I wondered what she was thinking, was she sad or bored-or both?  Was she lonely, misunderstood or did the portrait actually communicate anything about her reality?  I felt connected to her on some level that I didn’t quite understand.  I wished I could travel through the canvas to know her better.  Instead, I thought why not become her for a moment, and before I knew it I was appropriating her portrait to make it my own.  

This series traverses my moods, fantasies and identities through a reinterpretation of portraits that speak to me personally.  I feel that underneath the clothing and makeup, I have much in common with these women whether they be real or fictional.  What we portray to the world is often fluid and dependent on external pressures and expectations. The addition of modern elements in the background- sometimes serious, sometimes absurd- are not only allusions to these influential circumstances, but also reminders not to take ourselves so seriously; something that is in stark contrast to the original cachet of the formal portrait.


Myself as Woman with a Garnet Necklace (1843-2015) - Original by Johan Huber Rudolf 

Myself as Princess Leonilla (1843-2015) - Original By Franz Xavier Winterhalter 

Myself as Mary Robinson (1782-2015) - Original by John Hoppner

Myself as Madame Roland (1787-2015)- Original by Adélaïde Labille-Guiard

Myself as Isabella, Archduchesse of Austria (1615-2015) - Original by Peter Paul Rubens

Myself as Iréne (1897-2015) - Original by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Myself as Madame Récamier (1800-2015) - Original by Jacques-Louis David