Morning Inspiration-Jan 3, 2015

When I have the time, one of my favorite things to do in the morning is surf the internet for inspirational photographs.  I am always amazed at the talented photographers who are able to capture the perfection of a moment.  Connecting with their images gives me the motivation to pay closer attention to the details of my immediate world.  I visit a variety of blogs and websites.  The big ones and the lesser known ones.  I will list some of them below if you're interested.  All have some amazing photographs!  

This morning I chose to visit the National Geographic site called "Your Shot" where anyone can submit their photo. These two photographs really spoke to me: 


Photograph by Gagan Thapa

I connected with Thapa's photography because I've always been fascinated with the mix of modern and ancient worlds. This is something that is obvious in my own photography...the idea that even with the modernization of the world, remnants from old ways of living persist and still make sense much of the time.  I particularly like when these worlds clash, share a moment, come together and marry in a kind of symbolic universal memory.  

From Ice Stories, Phantoms of the Ice: Photograph by Wesley Thomas Wong

Wong's photograph from Ice Stories really captured my attention.  The fluidity and the composition of this image pull me in.  I feel the cold as I look at it, I squint to protect my eyes and also because I want to see what's behind the foreground.  Is there a building, a tree, an entire forest back there???  I love that we can see a person walking in the distance...looks like a miniature person stuck between two giants, hurrying with hands in pockets to a warmer destination.  This photography feels like a dream yet I'm sure the cold is as real as it gets, making ones entire body feel completely alive and awake!  Beautiful. 

You can see more photographs by Gagan Thapa here and Wesley Thomas Wong here.

Some of my favorite Photography Sites:

LensCulture, LensScratch, Time, National Geographic, L'oeil de la Photographie and Feature Shoot.  I will make a more extensive list soon.