Back to Modern Musical Paraphernalia

Collaboration with Pierre Vandekerkhove.

Back to Modern Musical Paraphernalia is a collaborative project between a musician and a photographer.  It provides an intimate look at the design and esthetic of musical apparatus from the last 50 years with a particular focus from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.  The wear and tear of each piece tells a story that only the musician knows, but leaves the viewer open to imagination.  Whether used by amateurs or professionals, the dents, scratches, dings, and general superficial history of each piece exemplify the bond between the musician and the apparatus. Often passed down, sold, stolen, resold, or lost, these well designed and often extra-terrestrial looking objects reveal a passionate dialogue between the musicians and their instrument.  They are vintage yet they represent modernity.  It is a look backward to a forward looking and world changing musical time. 

The photographs from this project are “portraits” of inanimate mechanical objects that somehow express a very busy and full life.  Essential to the musicians’ inventory, chosen for a specific purpose and protected from harm, they are like family. In the past, much focus has been placed on the instruments themselves and so little on these pieces that travel alongside and are a vital part of sound production.

The clean white background, the crisp lighting, the centered composition give the devices our full attention while they tell their story.